Multi-Door Network
  • Maximum of eight 26/34 Wiegand readers to connect with one ST-880 controller. It is suitable for reader with Wiegand output as open collector. Controller provides power for the readers to control all corresponded electric locks.
  • It features with computer connection and standalone operation, Maximum 30,000 records of data to save when it is standalone. The capacity of records saved according to its hard disk capacity when it is connected with computer.
  • ST-880 has 50,000 card registration capability. User is able to set personal password and valid time frame to access for every card.
  • When it is connected with computer, instant data receiving and enquiry can be made to check its usage. It is able to check a user's in/out status at specific time from the computer database.
  • 20 sets of time zone. Every time zone as Monday to Sunday. 8 sets of time frame for everyday to set available.
  • The range of main reader access control:
    ‧ Proximity: It must be registered before use.
    ‧ Password and proximity: Enter personal password and then proximity.
    ‧ Time zone: Setting the effective of year, month, day, week, time frame.
    ‧ Special holidays: User could set any holidays as to prevent any unauthorized access.
    ‧ Anti-passback- The card could only be used for matching single entry and exit. (Otherwise, it will be considered the card has been duplicated causing access denial.)
  • Self-testing function when it is on, low-power CMOS IC design. All data of internal personnel and record will be kept for a year and system clock will be functioning as normal when power cut occurred.
  • ST-880 built-in calendar clock IC to show time and date. It records all operations and related functions. It records unit number, card numbers, year, month, day, hour, minute and second.
  • Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 communication interface, through built-in TCP/IP(optional) for long-distance data transmission and receiving control with ST-880.
  • Built-in timer to set all-day or specific time to activate by software. User is able to set free entrance by infra-red and proximity control after working hours. It is also able to set timing control for surveillance camera.
  • SWITCH current control for internal power supply system as to increase its stablity of the memory which allows larger voltage difference.
  • Optional uninterruptible power system SLP-12V6 is available to use.
  • Power consumption: Stand-by 110mA ; Operation 510mA
  • Dimensions: 202L X 211W X 29H(mm)
  • Power supply: DC 12V.
  • Operation environment: Temperature 0~60℃ ; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
  • Weight: 830g.
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