UPS Series



  • SLP-12V2:External battery with auto-changing and AC power switching function when the power is cut off.
  • SLP-12V6:Built-in 12V/7AH backup battery (max of 2 parallel 12V/5AH batteries) with auto-charging and AC power switching function when the power is cut off.

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  • Power supply specially for access control and intercommunication for office or residential buildings.
  • AC Input : 220±5%/50Hz
  • Regulator output of DC12V , max of 1A current ; suitable for reader
  • Fail Safe and Fail Secure electronic lock output (N.O/N.C.) , voltage of 13V-14.5V , max. of 2A output , max of 2 electronic locks.
  • N.O./N.C. output with adjustable time between 1-12 seconds to see fit.
  • Can be connect push button to activate electric lock.
  • All terminal has been UL tested and approved.
  • Low battery power cut-off device cuts off all operations when the power is low. It is useful to prevent any malfunction of the unit when the reader can't operate but the electromagnetic lock is still functioning which unable to open the door when the power is low.
  • Operation temperature: 0~60℃ ; Humidity: 85%Rh max
  • Dimenisions: SLP-12V2:182L x 803 H x 62W (mm)/SLP-12V6:194L x 175W x 69 H (mm)
  • Weight:SLP-12V2:1230g,SLP-12V6:2200 g/4700g(with battery)