Time And Attendance


Professional Time And Attendance

  • ST-6000:EM format (125KHz)
  • ST-6000M:Mifare format (13.56MHz)
  • ST-6000MF: Mifare SOCA format (13.56MHz)
  • Note:
    1. SOCA format has special encryption for higher security and it is incompatible with other formats.
    2. Optional LED Display Board function as custom-mode product. Please advise the manufacturer if the function is required.
  • Specification Download (2.0 MB)
  • Invalid continuous card proximity within 1 minute (time adjustable).
  • Ultra-wide industrial STN 128 x 64 LCD backlights display which shows card number and user name simultaneously.
  • Ring to set for automatic time announcement; up to 40 time frames to set.
  • Automatic work shift switching. 40 work shifts available to set On Duty, Off Duty, Overtime On Duty, Overtime Off Duty, Out, Back, and Others (7 self-setting buttons).
  • Built in access control function which has an output of RELAY and to identify validation of the card.
  • Maximum of 10,000 card enrollment.
  • Parameter and time adjustment setting can be done with a master card.
  • Maximum of transmission rate up to 19200 bps which is adjustable by user.
  • Electricity supplies by internal battery and therefore all data in the internal memory will not by lost and system timer can be operated in normal state when power cut occurred.
  • Beep sound occurs when entering with card. And set of Relay to connect with speaker to increase user’s awareness at outdoor.
  • STR-100 receive, connect and set make report of all data and user can set any format of file for use with any other software.
  • Backlight 16 (4x4) luminous stainless steel keypads included 4 function keys and 3 LED lights (Red: POWER, Green: OK, Yellow: DENY).
  • Maximum proximity distance: 15cm (125KHz), 5cm (13.56MHz) (depending on types of card).
  • Saving up to 25,000 records of data when it is standalone.
  • Alarm will be activated when it is being tampered.
  • Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 communication interface. Built-in or external TCP/IP (optional) to connect with Time and Attendance for distant data transmitting and receiving control.
  • Power consumption: 250mA (standby); 300mA (operation)
  • Operation temperature: 0~60℃ ; Humidity: 85%Rh Max.
  • Frequency: 125 KHz or 13.56MHz.
  • Dimension: 175(L) x130(W) x 40(H) (mm)
  • Weight:900g
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