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Error message of "ie_Open – device already open" appeared.
Other application has opened the communication port. Close all applications and restart the system.
Reboot and start the system before executing other applications when the same error message appeared again.

Error message of "Key violation" appeared.
Data duplication occurred when editing data. Please reset duplicated data or press Esc to cancel editing the data.

Error message of "Field "xxxxx" must have a value" appeared.
Do not leave edited data column blank. Please enter data or press Esc tocancel editing the data.

Menu or tool bar failure or unable to close the system when Esc or STOP key is pressed or other unexpected errors occurred during the operation of thereader.
Please click on Shift + Esc for a few times to reset the system state value in order to return the menu or tool bar back to normal. If this still does not work, please reboot and then execute the software again.

SAC-100 Software - Adding enrollment data of the reader to the software's database.
Press and hold Shift key and then press "Enquire Reader Enrollment Data" to add the enrollment data to the software's database.

STA-200 Software - Calculate the overtime data when the source of the overtime data are set as "Attendance data and Overtime list." if both overtime records and overtime list are available.
Overtime list's data will be a priority.

STA-200 Software - More than two On and Off Duty data occurred.
  • It is based on the earliest time of the day's On Duty record when more than two On Duty and Overtime On data occurred.
  • It is based on the latest time of the day's Off Duty record when more than two Off Duty and Overtime Off data occurred.
  • Software's default account and password.
    Default account as "USER" and password as "0000"

    Unable to connect and enquire data with reader when entering the software.
  • Please make sure reader number is not repeated.
  • Pairing between the software machine number setting and hardware
  • Selection of correct communication interface
  • Speed identify if both software and reader are online.
    It is online when time is responded when entering software to enquire reader time.

    Unable to execute the software after rebooting the computer when the computer is crashed.
    Database damage occurred when the computer crashed while the software was collecting reader's write data. There are two ways to solve:
  • Please use Restruct function to fix the problem.
  • Please contact the dealer or manufacturer if the database is still unable to fix.