ST-700 Series

  • ST-710ER: EM-Marin format (125KHz) Keypad-less proximity reader.
  • ST-710MR:Mifare format (13.56MHz) Keypad-less proximity reader.
  • ST-710ERB:EM-Marin format (125KHz) Keypad-less proximity reader.
  • ST-710MRF:Mifare SOCA format (13.56MHz) Keypad-less proximity reader.
  • ST-720ER:EM-Marin format (125KHz) Proximity reader with keypad
  • ST-720MR:Mifare format (13.56MHz) Proximity reader with keypad
  • ST-720MRF: Mifare SOCA format (13.56MHz) Proximity reader with keypad
  • Note:SOCA format has special encryption for higher security and it is incompatible with other formats.

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Specification (892 KB)
  • ST-710 Keypad-less proximity reader.
  • ST-720 Proximity reader with keypad (4 Bit signal output).
  • Output of Wiegand 26 Bit or 34 Bit.
  • Signal output available for anti-theft unit to connect when the reader is tampered with force.
  • Compact and no screws exposed.
  • Fireproof polycarbonate material for casing. (available in white or dark gray).
  • One set of LED lights available for user use.
  • Power consumption: Stand-by 100mA; Operation 130mA
  • Maximum proximity distance: 10cm(125KHz), 5cm(13.56MHz) (depending on types of card)
  • Frequency: 125KHz or 13.56KHz.
  • Operation temperature: 0~60℃ ; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
  • Dimensions: 130 (L) x 61 (W) x 25 (H) (mm)
  • Weight: ST-710:225 (g); ST-720:235 (g)
  • Certification: CE