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SI Series

Infrared Touchless Sensor Button

  • SI-10 : single switch, 19mm, polycarbonate fireproof.
    SI-12 : single switch, 19mm, stainless steel.
    SI-15 : single switch, 22mm, stainless steel.
    SI-18 : single switch, 38mm, stainless steel.
     Type  SI   :as infrared proximity.
     SW :as mechanical switch
     Specifications   10/12/15/18:as single switch without panel.
     20/22/25    :as panel with dimensions of 115x39x26(mm).
     60/62/65/68:as panel with dimensions of 115x70x26(mm).
     80/82/85/88:as panel with dimensions of 86x86x26(mm).
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    Infrared type:
  • Strong and durable SUS304 stainless steel panel design which resists strong acid and alkali.
  • SI-10 as mini infrared detector for access control push button auto-control detection.
  • Suitable for hollow door frame and electrical box use. Voltage :DC12V~24V±10%.
  • Specially designed to prevent any interference from other infra-red.
  • The diagram shows world universal use.
  • The front of the detector is waterproof design.
  • Adjustable proximity range (4~15cm). Stable proximity range.
  • Door opening time is able to set Trigger state (0.5~20sec) or Toggle mode output.
  • Operation temperature range: -10℃~70℃.Humidity 85%Rh max.
  • Contact rating: 1A@30VDC N.O./N.C. Output.
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
    SI-10: 10g
    SI-12: 21g
    SI-15: 24g
    SI-18: 50g
    SI-20: 75g
    SI-60: 105g
    SI-80: 100g