Code Hopping Remote Series
  • Suitable for roll-up door of the parking lot at apartment tower.
  • Use of MICROCHIP anti-copy IC remote transmitter.
  • Maximum 1 million sets of remote control code.
  • Anti-copy and anti-scanning for user security.
  • Each remote control's number has to be in serial for easy management.
  • The system can used for up to 1600 transmitters.
  • New addition or deletion can be made on any transmitter.
  • Maximum 60m of remote control distance between the remote control box and remote control(without any obstacles). Additional booster (SR-80) to increase its distance if they are blocked by steel metal or roll-up door.
  • Two sets of automatic shutting function to control two sets of roll-up doors separately. Shutting time is set by user.(10-99 seconds)。
  • Automatic voltage switching function. The voltage range is 100V/240V 60HZ.
  • The control box and the keypad controller are able to install separately. Install the keypad controller at the security booth for adding and deleting functions. It displays the last fow-digit number of the controller number on the display screen for access control.
  • Three methods to register new remote control:
    。Enter 6-digit remote control number to register using keypad.
    。Use of remote control transmission to register.
    。Enter 6-digit remote control number and 4 digit quantity of remote controls for batch registration.
  • Two control modes: (1)single roll-up door mode (2)Double roll-up door mode.
  • Enter 4-digit system password to enter system setting mode for any system settings of the functions.
  • All remote controls must be registered before use.
  • Each remote control transmitter has its own 6-digit serial number printed at the back.
  • Special memory designed to prevent loss of data when power cut occurred.
  • Output Contract rating:10A@240VAC.
  • Frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz. Power Supply: 110VAC/220VAC ±10%.
  • Operation temperature: 0~60℃; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
  • Dimensions:154(L)×103(W)×40(H) (mm)
  • Weight: remote control box 553g
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