Code Hopping Remote Series
  • Suitable for roll-up door of the parking lot at apartment tower.
  • Advanced version of SR-220 has maximum capacity of 5,000 remote control transmitters and 12,000 historical records.
  • Each remote control's number is serial for easy management.
  • Built-in RS-485 interface for connecting with computer for data enquiry simultaneously for its individual usage and historical data enquiry for sheet printing.
  • Single or batch registration,delete one or delete all function.
  • Maximum 70m of remote control distance between the remote control box and transmitter (without any obstacles). Additional booster (SR-80) to increase its distance if they are blocked by steel metal or roll-up door.
  • Two sets of automatic shutting function to control two sets of roll-up doors separately. Shutting time is set by user.(10-99 seconds).
  • The control box and the keypad controller are able to install separately. Install the keypad controller at the security booth for adding and deleting functions. It displays the last four-digit number of the controller number on the display screen for access control.
  • Three methods to register new remote control:
    。Enter 6-digit remote control number to register using keypad.
    。Use of remote control transmission to register.
    。Enter 6-digit remote control number and 4 digit quantity of remote controls for batch registration.
  • Two control modes:(1)Single roll-up door mode (2) Double roll-up door mode. F1 and F2 buttons as special functions such as anti-theft settings. Relay output time can be adjusted as Toggle or Trigger mode.
  • Enter 4-digit system password to enter system setting mode for any system settings of the functions.
  • All remote controls must be registered before use.
  • Each remote control transmitter has its own 6-digit serial number printed at the back.
  • System provides 48 sets of time zone for user to set. Each time zone has five time districts.
  • Adjustable both RELAY interval time according to the type of roll-up door use. User is able to set its automatic stop function to protect the roll-up door.
  • Remote control door opening and closing through TCP/IP converter interface through computer connection and it has scheduled automatic door opening and closing function for frequent time slot.
  • Control range includes card number, time zone , specific holidays, unlock time slot, anti passback and so on. It is able to delete any users who did not pay the management fees by computer.
    。Card number --register with the reader before use.
    。Time zone -- set valid year, month, day, time zone, days of the week for every remote control.(for example: non-access after work for the employees.)
    。Specific holidays --set specific holidays for automatic access control.
  • Special memory designed to prevent loss of data when power cut occurred.
  • Use of hopping code to prevent scanning and being duplicated.
  • Transmitter is waterproof designed. Optional built-in proximity chip for SR-35 series available for use with proximity reader.
  • Online type is equipped with anti-pressing, automatic shutting, anti-passback, scheduled door opening and closing, time zone authority functions. It is compatible with access control proximity reader which records all access records and uses the same software for uniform control. Output Contract rating:10A@240VAC.
  • Frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz . Power Supply: DC-12V.
  • Dimensions:154(L)×103(W)×40(H) (mm)
  • Weight: remote control box 273g
  • NCC certified:CCAB10LP2060T5,CCAB10LP2070T8
Safety/Quality Approvals
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