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Infrared Touchless Sensor Button

  • SI-58:with rectangle case.
  • SI-98:with square case.
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  • Activate without pressing to prevent any disease contagion. It is suitable for access control system that widely used in widely used in public areas such as hospitals or restaurants. It is also can be used as auto-control detection.
  • Built-in microcontroller with power on self testing function.
  • Specially designed to prevent any interference from other infra-red.
  • Double color stautus light, adjustable proximity range.
  • Operating temperature : -10°C~+70°C
  Power Input  DC12V~DC24V (±15%)
  Current Consumption   Maximum current 45mA@DC24V
  Output Loading  1A@DC30V(Max.)
  Output State  Trigger state (0.5~30sec) or toggle mode output
  Life Time  Infrared sensor : 100,000 hours
 Relay mechanical lifespan : 1000,000 times
  Indicator  Standby:RED ;
 (Color of indicator light is adjustable)
  Proximity Range  4~15CM (±15%)
  Case   Stainless Steel / PC / Aluminum Alloy
  Weight  SI-58 ; 270g (G.W.)
 SI-98 : 202g (G.W.)