Automatic Door Operator
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Automatic Door Operator

SDO-501 : Track set 
SDO-501A : Track set , with 433MHz transmitter 
SDO-501L : Track set, with 315MHz transmitter 
SDO-502 : Push arm set
SDO-502A : Push arm set,  with 433MHz transmitter 
SDO-502L : Push arm set, with 315MHz transmitter 
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Specification Download (1.1 MB)
  •  Built-in Bluetooth, advanced fine-turning settings using APP interface.
  • One key to start automatic learning positioning. Easy to install without complicated setting procedures.
  • Two types of force arm to select to solve the gap between the door frame and the door leaf within 30cm.
  • Provide automatic self-closing function, without touching the doorknob for accessing move conveniently.
  • It is available to install on door frame or door leaf. Move flexibility of  installation for more complicated.
  • Optional 2.4G automatic door access control transmitter or 315/433 MHz controller available to purchase to provide  long distant door open function. 
  • Centered double-sided output shaft available to select output position according to the environment. Optional door loop to protect external circuit available to purchase.
  • Chute lever arm using balls shaft to reduce noise and extend its service life. Patented roller design to allow larger installation error or flatness of door leaf and door frame.
  • Power Supply : 90-264V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption : Max 72W (3A@DC24V)
  • Application :
    Door opening angle : 90~120°
    Door weight : within 100Kg
    Door width : 81~120CM
  • Reveal depth :
    Pull arm : suitable for reveal depth between 0~15 cm
    Push arm : suitable for reveal depth between 10~30 cm
  • Frequency : 315/433MHz(transmitter)/2.4GHz(bluetooth)
  • Transmitter Capacity : 750 transmitters(optional)
  • Buzzer : Built-in buzzer
  • Input Point : Door open contact×2/ ock status/ 24VDC supply back-up/ safty sensor X2 slave door contact
  • Output Point : Electrolock output contacts (NO/NC/COM)/ 0.5A@DC24V
  • Historical Data : 5000 records (available to inquire from App)
  • Operating Mode : Always open /always close/one way /fully automatic
  • Status Display : Dual-LED×2 (action/communication indicator)
  • Parameter Adjustment (APP) : Opening speed, closing speed. Buffer position and speed, pause time, Door opening reversal time/ strength, wind resistance, push mode, arm type, 4 adjustable modes
  • Dimensions : 525(L)×74(W)×70(H) (mm)
  • Weight : 5000(g)