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Warranty of cards.
No warranty for the expendable products such as the cards. Please contact us for testing if the card is unable to use within7days of purchase.

Card is unable to function.
  • Register the card before use if DENY is shown.
  • Please make sure no interference from other reader nearby and do not use more than one card at the same time.
  • Please make sure both reader and cards use are at the same format. Contact us if format of the card is different with the reader.
  • Any metal material around or in the back of the proximity unit will affect its proximity quality. Please remove any metal or foil material from the card or the reader to prevent interference between the card and the reader.
  • Please contact us for further testing if card is still unable to use with the reader when all of the above issues are ruled out.
  • Cares of the cards.
  • Do not bend or press the card hard as it may damage the chip and coil of the card.
  • Do not link thin card or thick card to the keychain except the key ring type.
  • Place thin card or thick card in the card holder or wallet.
  • Keep the cards away from high magnetic environment (such as magnetizing equipment in the factory or nuclear magnetic resonance in the hospital).
  • Decreasing read range of the card occurred.
  • Durability of card is unlimited unless it is being used severely which may cause malfunction of the card and decreasing read range.
  • Remove any metal materials from the reader or keep a distance of 1-2cm between the reader and the metal materials in order not to affect reading range.