Fingerprint Time & Attendance

  • SF-1000T:EM-Marin Card format (125KHz)
  • SF-1000TM:Mifare format (13.56MHz)
  • SF-1000TMF: Mifare SOCA format (13.56MHz)
  • Note: SOCA format has special encryption for higher security and it is incompatible with other formats.
Specification Download (3.3 MB)
    Optical-based recognition device:
  • Durable optical-base reader.
  • False Reject Rate (FRR): 0.1%; False Accept Rate (FAR) less than 1/100,000.
  • Latent fingerprints will be deleted with newly added fingerprint.
  • Sensing area: 13.6mm x 16.2mm; Resolution of 500dpi.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Main unit:
  • No ID or button pressing necessary for scanning and auto-matching fingerprint.
  • Time inquiry or alteration by computer or Time and Attendance.
  • Invalid repetition of proximity within 1 minute (time adjustable).
  • Industrial type of wide angle backlight 128*64 LCM graphic mode display with built-in traditional Chinese and English interface shows card number and user name simultaneously.
  • Automatic time announcement with 40 time frames to set ring.
  • Automatic work shift switching. 40 sets of work shift to set On Duty, Off Duty, Overtime On Duty, Overtime Off Duty, Go Out, Come Back, and Self-definitions (7 available to set).
  • Deletion of card data through Time and Attendance or computer if an employee is quitted or has lost the card.
  • Maximum 25,000 records of data when Time and Attendance is stand-alone.
  • Alarm will be activated when the unit is being tampered with force.
  • Access control function with RELAY output and identification of validation of card function.
  • STR-100 receive, connect and set make report of all data and user can set any format of file for use with any other software.
  • Built-in interface of RS-232 and RS-485. Optional of TCP/IP (built-in or external connection) to link with the reader for online data transmitting or receiving control.
  • Backlight 16 (4x4) luminous stainless steel keypads include 12 number keys (with *#) and 4 function keys. 3 LED lights (Red: POWER, Green: OK, Yellow: DENY) and 4 set of attendance state display lights.
  • Maximum enrollment of 10,000 card numbers.
  • Maximum adjustable transmission rate up to 19200 bps.
  • BEEP sound to indicate valid card. A set of RELAY is provided to connect with large indicator light or speaker to enhance its identification capacity when it is at noisy environment.
  • Only one Fingerprint is needed for register function when several units are connected. The remaining units are able to set user’ data through online connection.
  • 3000 fingerprints capacity to select. Each user can register 3 separate sets of fingerprints in case of any injured fingers unable to recognize when register. Each fingerprint has to be enrolled twice to enhance its precision rate.
  • External connection of reader for attendance sub-reader or access control sub-reader.
  • Electricity supplies by internal battery and therefore all data in the internal memory will not be lost and system timer can be operated in normal state when power cut occurred.
  • Fingerprint sensor glass is made of tampered glass which sustains major scratches (hardness of 7 and above).
  • Built-in reader module to save maximum of 10,000 cards with frequency of 125KHz/13.56MHz.
  • Maximum proximity distance: 15cm(125KHz), 5cm(13.56MHz) (depending on types of card).
  • Current: Standby 300mA; Operation 350mA
  • Operation temperature: 0℃ ~ 60℃; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
  • Dimensions: 175L x 175W x 48H (mm)
  • Weight:1050g
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    The installment suggested:
  • Use of Time And Attendance for both attendance and access control.(It is not suggested to use for complicated work shifts or factory with large number of employees ). Method1:Please mount the unit outside the door and an additional push button inside the door. There are two ways to apply:
    A. Connect the electric lock with Access Control RELAY and set automatic skip work shift function key during office hours. Therefore, simpler attendance record is available. The lock remains as Access control state before or after office hours. B. Connect the electric lock with proximity RELAY. Door opens with valid proximity card Connect with automatic skip work shift function in order to separate attendance and access control data.
    Method2:Please set the additional sub-reader as access control. Therefore, it triggers the electric lock when all proximity data are recorded. The main unit records all proximity data as attendance data and does not open the lock.